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¡Hola, Gibraltar! Online Spanish course for «Year 12» students

¡Hola, Gibraltar! Online Spanish course for «Year 12» students

In the context of the current lockdown situation, the Instituto Cervantes would like to offer free Spanish lessons to Gibraltarian teenagers in Year 12, to help them to prepare for and pass their future Spanish A-Level exams.

Considering the warm welcome received by our institution in the city of Gibraltar, and at this time which is so difficult for all of us, we have decided to launch this online project.

The project will be carried out as follows:

A.- Classes will run from Tuesday 12th or Thursday 14th May, until Tuesday 30th or Thursday 2nd July, at 4pm to 5pm. Students will be taught for one hour per week.

B.- We will only offer free online preparation sessions for the Spanish A-Level exam to Gibraltan teenagers in Year 12 studying at state and private schools in the city.

C.- Students who voluntarily enrol will be split into virtual classes, with a maximum of 12 students per group.

D.- Classes will be taught online, using the community communication platform Zoom.

E.- The teachers responsible for the online sessions will be members of the Instituto Cervantes teaching staff with experience preparing students for this type of exam.

F.- To take part in the classes, please simply fill out the enrolment form.

Please send any questions or queries via email to gibraltar@cervantes.es.


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