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Training programme for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (in person and online)

Dear teachers,

We are preparing an extensive array of activities and training into the next academic year, 2020 - 2021 which includes a wide range of workshops and courses, both on-line and in person.

Our courses are designed for people interested in starting a career in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, teachers with little experience and experienced teachers looking to deepen their knowledge and familiarise themselves with new methodological approaches.

The training programme is organised in collaboration with the Spanish Consejería de Educación (the Education Office at the Spanish Embassy) in the United Kingdom. Our teacher training programme are designed for newly qualify teachers and for those have teaching experience. All our activities are online listed below.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a methodology that is increasingly widespread at all levels of education. It is in a teacher´s interest to familiarise themselves with key concepts, specific features to take into account when planning lessons and how to apply it in a teaching context.

A series of mini-courses of teacher training for Spanish language teachers, designed for online learning with tutor support, which will address themes that are particularly challenging for Spanish language teachers.

Instituto Cervantes Manchester and the Spanish Consejería de Educación (the Education Office at the Spanish Embassy)



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