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Online mini-courses for teachers

PractiRED is the title of a series of mini-courses for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, designed for online learning with the aid of a tutor, which addresses topics of particular difficulty for language teachers.

The objective of this minicourses isfor the participating teachers, who may either have an interest in starting a career in the teaching guild as well as be teachers in their early stages of their professional development, to become familiar with the different methodologies used in language teaching, and also with classroom management techniques to apply them in a professional context.

To achieve this goal, participants will work on activities online with enjoyable and varied dynamics and will collaborate with their peers through communication tools to enrich their leaning experience.

Course offered:

  • Explaining the past is easy: use and activities (Los pasados I)

The course objective is for teachers to discover for themselves how grammar works, to familiarize themselves with communicative methods used for teaching it and applying it in a professional context. In addition to implementing techniques to work on past tenses in class in communicative contexts. Participants will carry out multimedia activities with fun and varied dynamics, as well as interact and collaborate with their peers via communication tools, to enrich their learning experience and complete the final tasks.

Any teachers interested in taking part can complete an enrolment form.

For more information about this course and other teacher training courses send an email to gibraltar@cervantes.es.


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