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Panhispanic Studies

Panhispanic Studies

Instituto Cervantes is launching a series of seminars, in English, intending to bring literature, poetry, history, art, cinema, philosophy, etc. of Spain and the Pan-Hispanic world for the Britons. We start a new project for our friends who like Pan-Hispanic culture. This new series in English is called "PanHispanics Studies". No prior knowledge is required.


1.- Living Billingually, by Julio Villa-García (University of Manchester)

2.- Spanish Post War Poetry, by Diana Cullell (University of Liverpool)

3.- Screening the past. The Spanish Dictatorship in two recent films, by Jesse Barker (University of Aberdeen)

4.- Spain and the United Kingdom: Law, Society and Contemporary Challenges, by Javier García Oliva (University of Manchester)

5.- Introduction to Spanish philosophy in the twenty century, by Beatriz Caballero (University of Strathclyde)

6. The cinema of Luis Buñuel, by María Seijo (University of Leeds)

7. Spanish performance poetry in the 21st Century, by Diana Cullell


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